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How To Lock And Password Protect A Folder In Windows 7

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Are you in a phase in your life when you feel that locking a folder and topping it off with password protection would make you feel better? If the answer to this (awkward) question is yes, then this is where you want to be. If you have multiple users on your computer and the admin rights are with you, then it is necessary to password protect your folders as well as locking them. Let’s get on with the process.

Right click on a folder and select the Properties option. Navigate to the tab that says Security. Click Edit, like you can see in the image below.

This will bring up a new window. Under the Group and User Names window, choose which user’s access you want to limit. Under the Permission for Users box, check the box that states Deny which is next to the Modify box. All the boxes will be checked automatically.

Click OK and follow it up with the Yes option when the Windows Security prompt comes up.

if you find this process difficult, then you can always turn to Lock a Folder, a Windows application that password protects any folder you want. First and foremost, if you’re using this app for the very first time, you’ll need to enter a master password to prevent other users from accessing it.
Enter the password and this will take you to the main interface. Click Lock a Folder and enter the password here again. Choose which folders you want to lock and hit Lock It.

This will hide the folder immediately and hide it from the source location too. To unlock it, launch the app and click Unlock a Folder. Again, verify it by entering your master password.